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Final Animation project before graduating from my 2-year CG course.
Inspired by game cinematics and trailers and tried making something like it.
Tried to go for a Sci-fi, Fantasy theme.
I worked on pretty much everything besides human modeling and ship models.

CGクリエイター科2年コースの卒業制作!CGアニメーション! ゲームのムービーなどを意識して作ってみた作品です。 SF、ファンタジーみたいなテーマを目指してみました。 モデリング以外は全部やっています! アニメーションメインですけれど!



Director, Art Director, Concept Art&Design, Scene Design, Compositing:
Kim Youngho

Technical Director, Animation, Set-up, Scene Design, Compositing:
Stephen Oberheim Jr.

Human Modeling and Design:
Nishizono Kenichi
Mechanic Modeling and Design: 
Wei Tsui

Video Copilot - Designer Sound FX, Pro Scores

Nihon Kogakuin College

Dead Space 3!

Got Dead Space 3! At first it just felt like an ordinary Action TPS game but thankfully, as I went further into the game, that ol’ dead space horror feel came back! Playing with surround sound is pretty intense!

Dead Space 3ゲット!いや~、最初はただのアクションTPSって感じはしたけど、どんどん進んでいったらやっぱ怖いwサラウンドサウンドの設定もしてるから迫力すごいww

Haven’t made any animation in a while, so I felt like making one.
Might make more of these shorts when I have time ;D
It’s good practice. and it’s fun!


Software: Maya 2012, After Effects CS4
Audio: Video Copilot


So… I finally made a tumblr page. 
Since it’s a new year, I thought I’d give it a try in keeping track of what I’m doing by blogging. I’ll be posting stuff every once in awhile.


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